Saturday, September 30, 2006

Myrtle, etc.

The teacher's convention was in Myrtle Beach this year and it was wonderful. We stayed in a huge resort, that is practically deserted this time of year (I hear you normally have to stand in line to get in the water down there:) Our view from the 12th floor was great, although it made me a little tipsy.
The workshops were great at the convention - I learned many practical ways to increase learning and enjoyment for my 4 year olds. Wouldn't you like to pretend you are a slithering snake as you go line up? Or sing little songs for every transition you have at school?

On another note - just before i left on Wednesday i had been having several conversations with different folks about finances. it got me to thinking - we put so much time into working, earning, buying, satisfying our desires, - what do we really need? Our God has promised to supply all our need - in reality, i need very little. Food, raiment, a place to keep dry and sleep, a car that runs, gas to put in it - but we have so much extra! Sometimes things get out of perspective and we confuse our wants with our needs. Probably because the desire is so strong we interpret it as such. But many of our financial difficulties could be solved by being content with the basics, and not feeling short-changed with that. A total 360 from what the world is telling us. Food for thought . . . .


Blogger Eliwood said...

Myrtle Beach was awesome. We have a lot of beautiful pictures (like that one)from the balcony of our room and on the beach.

Sat Sep 30, 07:02:00 PM EST  
Blogger mattharmless said...

I heard someone say once that, "... if you don't have it, then it must not be a need."

Sun Oct 01, 06:17:00 AM EST  
Blogger Butterfly said...

much of the time we want some of the extras because it's our right, or we deserve it. God mercy(not giving us what we do deserve,hell) and grace(getting something that we don't deserve, heaven)give us so much to be thankful for...our worries need to be about laying up treasures in heaven not on this earth.

Wed Oct 04, 08:33:00 PM EST  

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