Monday, February 27, 2006

The Missions Conference

Wow! This week has been great! The emphasis on world evangelization!

At Grace we all ask the Lord to direct us to give a certain amount weekly to missions. Pastor adds those totals up and we see how much we are commiting for the year to foreign missions. This is over and above the tithes. Well, our goal for this year was $120,000. Last night he announced that there was $129,000+ pledged! It is so wonderful to be involved in world missions and the best place money could ever be invested! You don't have any doubts when you give to missions as to whether or not the Lord is pleased.

It has been years since I have been a part of a church with as much interest in missions as Grace has. We never had a missions conference back in Indiana where many missionaries come in for the week and share their works. It was seldom a missionary spoke at the main service. But here it is a big focus, and it really stirs your heart to reach the world for Christ. We ate with these missionaries and laughed with them, got to know their kids, and heard about their works - basically communed together for the week, and it was good.

God is so GOOD to give us His family.

I love all of you.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


This weekend has been great - first of all Mark and his friend Dane came down from Lafayette for all day Saturday and went to church with us this morning. It was so good to see them - we haven't gotten to spend a lot of time with Mark since he got done with training since he is still living up in Indiana. He starts a new job Monday as a med tech at the hospital in Logansport.

Then the preaching today was awesome. Pastor was talking tonight about how we are about to have missions conference and how there is "head preaching" and "heart preaching" and it is preferable to have both. We need to be touched in the heart - knowledge itself doesn't help much. We are excited about missions conference Wednesday through Saturday with a diffeent missionary every night and a keynote speaker as well as an international banquet on Saturday evening. The goal is to commit to support several more missionaries this year. And to see if the Lord wants to call any of our people into mission work, which is so needed.

God has helped all of us in our family to make decisions for Him lately in different areas - Libby even asked me to go to the altar tonight and pray with her that she would not be talking in school and would do what the teacher wants her to do. God is working in our midst in many ways and it is exciting!

Hope you had a good Lord's day. Here is a pic we took today.

Monday, February 06, 2006

My husband put on the Wizard of Oz this evening. I love Judy Garland's voice in this and the movie is just a classic. Other than that I am doing taxes online :)

My K-4 kids just love praise. I start praising one for something and the rest all start to shape up because they want equal praise.

A sincere word of praise or thanks to those around us goes a long way. Who doesn't like that?