Monday, January 15, 2007


Off school today - that is so nice!

We went to Panama City, Florida for the deacon's retreat the end of last week and it was wonderful. These places in the winter have great accomodations for great rates. The Holiday Inn Sunspree we stayed at was just beautiful and had an ocean front view from our balcony.

I also got to go to the factory outlet stores in Destin, where I found several good deals. And splurged on a cup of Starbucks coffee.

My husband went fishing off the pier and enjoyed it, although they didn't catch anything :( He also got to enjoy 2 different seafood restaurants (seafood is not my food of choice) - one with excellent crablegs and another with a fishtank the size of the wall.

Today we are helping some friends move. This has been a really neat break from the norm and we'll be ready to start school again on Monday.