Sunday, March 19, 2006


That's what i have to keep saying these days when people talk to me. What??? I have a cold and my hearing is impaired, you might say. Pray for me, please, as I have the sore throat, cough, headache, etc. thing.

I want to dedicate this post to my husband, Mark. He is so sweet to me and we are coming up on 22 years of marraige this August. My life has forevever changed upon knowing him and many things I participate in today are because we were married. He definitely broadened my horizons.

Mark is one of a kind. We were laughing and saying in our family the other day that he will someday be called a legend. He does everything from fix the kitchen sink to paint beautiful paintings to preaching in Spanish, to singing, to shooting guns and hunting to being a handyman, to analyzing handwriting to being an avid reader of National Geographic, to collecting rare instruments, and the list goes on and on. Not boring. Remember, opposites attract. :)

I love him very much and also our 4 children. I am so glad he led us to move to Georgia, even though difficult in the beginning, becaause it's a whole 'nother journey, and has been very good for our family.

Who would you like to pay tribute to today?

Love all of you.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Los Ancianos

I have always liked "old people" :) When I was young, I would walk up to the nearby trailer court where a couple of my older friends lived and spend time talking to them.

Mrs. Powell was a tiny little lady and looked like Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies. She loved to crochet little doillies in greens and yellows and her teeth clacked when she talked. She would offer me some stale crackers and a something to drink. I just thought it was so interesting to be in her home and see what her life was all about.

2 doors down was Mrs. Brazil. She lived in a very tiny travel trailer type getup. She was chubby and wore dresses with no hose. She was always friendly and we mostly sat outside at her place because it was so small.

Even now I like to visit the trailer court in Florida and talk to the older people - they have done so many things, learned so many lessons. You can learn a lot about life by listening to them talk and seeing how they have responded, whether negatively or positively.

I hope some nice young person will come visit me in my old age someday. And I hope I won't be mean and crochety. :)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Georgia Week

Well, in case you want to know what's happening here - it's gorgeous today - 70s, sunny, and just beautiful. The baseball team has a game this afternoon and I bet it will be so nice to be out there. It is an away game (3.5 hours away:()

This is quarter exams for kids at school - fun, fun. It is also the week before state fine arts competition. Dan is going for debate and academic testing and Sam is going for vocal solo and choir, and photography.

We had a great Spanish luncheon at church Sunday with some great Spanish food! Empanadas!!! Those are great.

Speaking of Spanish - I subbed up in the high school a couple of times recently. But it's not the same :( Well, for one thing, the material is ABEKA and very boring, rote memory - at least for me. I don't like to see kids disinterested in Spanish.

Well, gotta run.