Thursday, April 27, 2006


I'm going to dedicate this post to Sam - especially since he's gone on his senior trip to Washington right now and all :) I have been looking through boxes of pictures tonight trying to get things together for his graduation display board. Boy, so many memories flood back!

Sam has been a big blessing to me. From birth he was an easy child - quiet, but with a sense of humor (laughing on the inside at all of us), very lovable and the biggest hugger of my 4 kids. He's not a trouble maker, but would rather people get along. He can get along with just about anyone.

He has a strong inner sense of right and wrong and a tender heart toward the Lord and His Word. It has been fun through the years to discuss different spiritual topics with him and notice his observations. He often does what is right in spite of the fact that he may not be liking it at the moment.

Sam loves to use his imagination and used to like to play alone, making up a whole other world. You could hear him talking in different voices and making gestures as though he were different characters. He's always liked making faces in the mirror :) I guess that is why acting comes naturally. He has said on more than one occasion, "I don't want to grow up!"

He loves words and different ways of saying normal things.

He has a sweet voice - pure and young. I pray he uses it for the Lord. He's gifted in many areas, but doesn't brag on himself. He definitely loves music. When he was little, if he was really enjoying his food, he would start humming/singing while eating. Then we knew he was content.

Sam loves to have fun with his friends - especially his buddies from Indiana. They like him just as he is and have had many special times together over the years. I praise the Lord for that.
From singing, to playing tricks on people, to acting, to playing in band, to participating in sports, to making it through classes together, they have some great memories.

Sam is like a rock - if you really need him, he is there for you, and provides strength. The Lord has blessed him with the ability to be that rock for others.

I thank God for Sam - "asked of God" - and pray he will always walk in the ways of the Lord.
I love you, Sam.

Monday, April 24, 2006


I've been thinking a lot about a Christian's identity in the world, you might say.
Tonight we read from 1st Peter for family devotions and MacArthur had some good commentary on what it was like to be a Christian at the time of the writing of this epistle, right after the burning of Rome. The emphasis is that a Christian can not only not become bitter when falsely accused, but even evangelize his hostile world for the Lord.

This really got me: "Believers are constantly exposed to a world system energized by Satan and his demons. Their effort is to discredit the church and its credulity and integrity. One way these spirits work is by finding Christians whose lives are not consistent with the Word of God, and then parading them before the unbelievers to show what a sham the church is. Christians, however, must stand against the enemy and silence the critics by the power of holy lives."

What does a holy life look like?

In Romans 12 we are beseeched to present our bodys as living sacrifices, holy, acceptable unto God . . . . and be not conformed to this world, but transformed by the renewing of our mind . . .

world= the spirit of the age in which we live; the sum of comtemporary thinking and values that forms the moral atmosphere of our world and is always dominated by Satan.

To be transformed comes form the word metamorphosis, and implies a change in outward appearance.

So a Christian should outwardly evidence their inner redeemed nature.

Some people say this is just a matter of the way you treat people, control your temper, etc. And I agree.

But a transformed mind is going to be 180degrees different in thought from our world.
Because there is no way that Satan is thinking the same thing that God is thinking.

Why do we give in to what the world thinks, does, so often? Lack of holiness. Lack of time in the Word, led by His Spirit. There is where we'll be coming up with those different thoughts, actions, manners, outward appearance.

It's not just an inside thing - it will manifest itself on the outside. Friendship with the world (it's way of thinking) equals enmity with God.

Specifically? I think the music that has the philosophy of this present age. Many agree the philosophy is wrong, but listen to the music. This controls thinking and inhibits the work of the Spirit to transform.

Speech - why talk like them? To identify with them. Lack of wanting to be separated out as God's people.

Dress - everything sexy - it is affecting the church.

Problem solving - the self- image inflating gurus of this age. it's not your fault.

What male/female relationships should look like - is it Biblical or out of the movies?

Just a few areas that readily show up.

What are we embracing? Thanks for listening. This has been on my mind for quite awhile.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


I am sitting here listening to some beautiful instrumental worship music and just reflecting on how good God is. I just want to praise Him for being so perfect. No flaws. He deserves it all. Deserves it. And one day will have it - i love those verses - every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.

He is so deeeeeep. His love is so strong, and enduring. He is beautiful, the most beautiful person ever.

He is the author of all that is good and right. There is nothing vile in Him.

I can trust Him.

Thank you, Lord, for saving me. Thank you for adopting me into your family. Thank you for all the many Christians throughout the ages that gave their lives so I could read what you wanted to say to me. I love your Word - it gives me direction.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Hey - we heard on NPR today that there is a new fad going around. People take a bottle of Diet Pepsi, open it, and put like 10 Mentos candys inside. It explodes like a geiser! That would be fun to watch, huh? If you try it or have already tried it, let me know how it goes. But please be careful!!!

What is it with senoritis??? Sam's got it bad, and reading Adrienne's blog, and Tirzah and Meg's comments - it is not just here in Georgia. Lift each other up in prayer to make it to the end :)

My parents are coming this weekend from Rhode Island to visit us. I am so excited, because we don't see them very much. It's nice this time too because my sister and her family lives here as well, so there will be quite a few of us.

Tomorrow night is the Junior/Senior here at Grace. We are going as well - it is to a posh restaurant in Atlanta and then to the IMAX to see a movie on Australia. sounds fun. Will let you know later how it went. Sam's going solo, but he'll probably just be glad to get out and away from school. Maybe when a certain special someone is old enough she'll want him to take her to her junior/senior. That would be nice.

Met a new Puerto Rican family tonight - hope they come on Sunday for church.

Gonna go hit the hay now.

Monday, April 10, 2006

What counts

I haven't done very many spectacular things in my life, but giving birth to my children was incredible. I will never forget the feeling I had just after our first son was born - I thought to myself, "This is the most incredible thing I've ever done! This is something truly worthwhile." I felt so priviledged. It is a miracle that you will only know when you are part of it. I cried, I laughed, I stared at my newborn son in wonder, I thanked God, I thanked my husband, etc, etc.
There is not much in this life that could match that experience.

But when God births a child, that is incredible as well. It is no small thing - it is a miracle. It is a total transformation, mainly of attitude and direction. A 380 that only God can achieve. When I see it, I don't care how many times it happens, I cry, I laugh, I stare in wonder. To be part of that, part of the body of Christ that is there in the delivery room, is a priviledge.

Of course after the "baby" is delivered to us, we have to take care of it, nurse it, coddle it, check on it often. Make sure no harm comes to it. Teach it the right way and train it to go in that way. This is the church, of course, doing this work. Very important work, unless you want sickly babes, or undernourished ones. It is in a great part up to us, as Christian brethren, to take up that work, instead of just hoping they'll make it on their own.

The older I get the more I realize just how few Christians there are and it is no small thing when someone makes that decision.

It is a priviledge to work in any part of that process. And way more exciting even than giving biological birth.

The first birth may not go so well, but the second birth is the one that counts.

May the Lord bless you all tonight.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

By the Way . . .

I forgot to ask - who broke the "commode" seat, guys??? I have a sneakin' suspicion - come on - fess up ! I'll send Sam after you while he's up there!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Fun Week

Who are these people???
We enjoyed SO much the FMT from Lafayette that came to visit us this week. It seemed strange yet great having them here.

A very noisy group of boys stayed at our house:) I think they were excited to see Sam. And vice versa.

The singing and playing was awesome and I especially enjoyed the ones that visited my K-4 class. Terrell, Camyen, Marcus, Kennedee, Kensleigh, and all the rest will never forget them.

Thanks to all of you for your visit!