Saturday, September 30, 2006

Myrtle, etc.

The teacher's convention was in Myrtle Beach this year and it was wonderful. We stayed in a huge resort, that is practically deserted this time of year (I hear you normally have to stand in line to get in the water down there:) Our view from the 12th floor was great, although it made me a little tipsy.
The workshops were great at the convention - I learned many practical ways to increase learning and enjoyment for my 4 year olds. Wouldn't you like to pretend you are a slithering snake as you go line up? Or sing little songs for every transition you have at school?

On another note - just before i left on Wednesday i had been having several conversations with different folks about finances. it got me to thinking - we put so much time into working, earning, buying, satisfying our desires, - what do we really need? Our God has promised to supply all our need - in reality, i need very little. Food, raiment, a place to keep dry and sleep, a car that runs, gas to put in it - but we have so much extra! Sometimes things get out of perspective and we confuse our wants with our needs. Probably because the desire is so strong we interpret it as such. But many of our financial difficulties could be solved by being content with the basics, and not feeling short-changed with that. A total 360 from what the world is telling us. Food for thought . . . .

Friday, September 15, 2006

Pet Peeves

Do you have a pet peeve? I am learning that one of mine is tieing little children's shoes. Over and over and over. I just want all parents everywhere to double knot their children's shoes with the tightest knots they can make!

On another note totally - I got to thinking the other day about God caring for me - and for all believers. My thoughts went something like this: How much does God care for me, my children, my family? He gave his only Son for us - the most precious thing there was to Him - He definitely has to care, even way beyond salvation. He didn't sacrifice His Son for just any old reason - He loves each one of us, His adopted children, and paid such a high price for us - made an investment - one doesn't easily give up on an investment. He has a vested interest here and will not give up on us easily. There is comfort in this - we are very valuable now in His sight because of the way He purchased us, and He therefore loves us immensely. He will see that we have everything we need to make it worth it. It has to please Him a lot when we gratify Him.

It's Friday!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Pensacola was beautiful and Sam is now a freshman Music major with Matt Abberger as a roommate :) I was very impressed with PCC - tons of beautiful young people, a great food court, nice dorms, and great Sunday services. It is a huge blessing to see your kids following the Lord, and we praise Him. People were already asking him for directions on campus - kinda funny because Sam says people have been saying for several years that he looks like a college student, and he finally is! Here is a crazy freshman's expression. Whacked out! as he would say. If you would like his email and haven't gotten it yet, write me and I will give it to you.