Friday, June 30, 2006

It's done.

My wisdom teeth are out. This seems to be a favorite summer past-time for oral surgeons.

First of all they make you sign your life away initialing off boxes that say it's ok with you if you are maimed for life, have pieces of root still left in your jaw, or your other teeth are damaged in the process, and the list goes on. My sister and I laughed so hard we were crying at the things I had to agree to and hope wouldn't happen!

I am a little swollen and bruised, but not badly. The biggest fight I had with myself was when they were going to give me the anesthesia. I had this picture in my mind of me feeling suffocated and them starting to work on me when I wasn't really "out". My fears were in vain.

But the girl who "helped" looked no more than 16 years old and would approach one IV bag and read it and then shake her head and set it aside, then step to the other side of the room and look over the instruments, appearing very uncertain as to where to start. Finally she said,"Well, why don't we start you on some laughing gas now." Ho Ho. It didn't help that I had heard the other nurses asking her out front if her Mom was working here today. I thought, "Oh, no - this is someone's child they are letting have a little "learning experience". She asked me if the gas was doing anything. I replied to the negative. I really wanted to bolt out of that chair. But the doctor came in and put on the IV and said the medicine would make me fall asleep, and next thing I knew they were slapping my legs to wake me up. Whew!!!!

I have basically slept for 2 days and now want to get up and do something. But, I better beware, because if I cause one of those clots to pop out, I will get a dry socket, and that is painful!

Thak the Lord I have a sense of humor.:)

Thanks, Julie and Danielle, for the lovely meal tonight. Now I better go take some more ibuprofen. See you later.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Where's Waldo?

That's Waldo there to Sam's right. Robbie. We don't know exactly where he is right now - perhaps still in Kenya.
This pic was taken at Rebecca's open house up in Lafayette end of May. And no, Sam's arm around Emily W. doesn't mean anything :) Everyone huddled for this pic.
Seems like lots of people are traveling this summer. Tirzah, on the far right there, is in Spain. Coming back today, I think. Emily Rausch is next to Tirza - she leaves for Brazil today , along with Joe Prelock and several others from up at Faith, We are praying for you all, and give a big hug to Yoders! You are very likely to meet my husband's brother, Mike Geurink, and his family, as they work right there with Yoders in Brazil. Emily W is travelling somewhere too - can't remember where at the moment.
Rebecca, your open house was very nice, and Libby also is enjoying the little "jewelry" you gave her :)
Que Dios les bendiga a todos!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

"What time I am afraid . . .

Yikes! I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Thursday, and the stories people tell are as diverse as the ones pregnant women hear about the birth process. "You're going to lose lots of weight" is my favorite one, of course :) I am a little nervous about going under anesthesia.

Changing the subject, it has been HOT down here - 95,96,97, 98, 99, 100! We went to my sister's pool last weekend. This week, Thursday, Libby and I went with the Grace daycare group to the Montgomery Zoo. The zoo was awesome - really great. But boy was it hot out! I drank 4 cups of lemonade when I got home, and water too. The heat zaps your energy.

Treasure Box Club was good yesterday - a big group of kids out to hear the gospel. It was HOT out there too - sweat running down everyone's faces. :)------

With running around a lot the last couple of days, today I am a keeper at home, doing my laundry, cleaning, etc. But then again, I like home.

" . . . I will trust in Thee."

Friday, June 16, 2006

One of those days

Yesterday was one of those days I wished I could rewind and do over, without the problems it entailed. I started off the day without my morning cup of coffee, which should have been a clue. Had to go get fasting bloodwork done for my yearly physical. Then I had messed something up in the checking acct, which really got to me. And my husband. When you have made the same mistake more than once, it can be disheartening, and that is how I felt. One of my workers at school wasn't relating well with me - nothing major, just a lack of rapport and very serious; cold. I was discouraged. Then, one of my own kids didn't want to talk when asked about their day and asked me why I always "ask those questions". I just wanted to curl up and cry.

Do you ever feel like that? Like noone cares about your woes?

But God does. And 3/4 of the way through the day some things that I had fretted over seemed to work out. I was in CVS and I said as much to the cashier. Asked her if she ever had a day that things seemed to be going wrong. Well let me tell you, she just knew exactly what I meant. She told me that her electricity had gone out the night before and they were having to hire someone to crawl under the house to see what the problem was. Then she had a problem that morning with her car - something busted - and the entire car filled up with water. She couldn't drive it and had to take a taxi to work. I told her we have to trust in God in our difficulties; He is the only one that can help.

When I say that, I don't mean that He will take away the problems, but that He will give us the ability to make it through with the right attitude and even trust Him that He has our best interest in mind.

I needed to learn some lessons yesterday. That is the question - what is He trying to teach me? It is for my good.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


I have found that I am not the best at handling medical emergencies. We recently had a refresher at work on CPR, etc. and it all seems easy when you are practicing on a dummy. But the next day my niece collapsed on me in church and i felt panicked. She had had too much heat and sun and not anything to eat that morning, so was basically exhausted. But as she lay on me her body was jerking and that scared me.
Same thing the following week - a kid at daycare got elbowed while playing ball and fell down in terrible pain - his eye was hurt, and he was also jerking on the ground.
Usually in discipline situations at school or other seeming "emergencies" with an upset parent, etc, i calm myself quickly and handle the situation. I see that as a very doable challenge.
But medical emergencies, I have found, I don't like! :) My mind goes in a hundred directions and i tend to think it is worse than it is, or at least i did in these situations. I haven't enjoyed discovering this about myself, but it is something i need to work on.
I knew there was a reason i didn't become a nurse . . . .

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dan's alarm just went off

8a.m. and all is well.

Yesterday was a very busy but rewarding day. I supervise the daycare part-time during the summer, and there is always plenty of paperwork and billing, etc to do. I thank the Lord for some super workers, though, that make the day go great.

I did some counseling yesterday afternoon and then ran home at 4:15 to make supper. My husband wanted a haircut desperately and Sam wanted a trim, so I did that. By this time it was 5:20. I quick heated some meatballs from the freezer that Sam said would be good in hot dog buns as hoagies, and they tasted great. Changed clothes, got Libby packed for an overnighter at her friend's house, and took off again for church at 5:55.

We had a missionary last night going to the United Kingdom. This man is from Georgia, born and bred, but the feels the call of God on his life to revive and start churches in the UK. He talked about how there are many churches that are tiny little, with like 5 people meeting, that really need someone to come and pastor them. It was neat to hear of his burden and call to that country.

The message he preached reinterated so many points we had gone over in our counseling session yesterday. It is wonderful how the Lord does that within the church to help people. And what is interesting to me is that even though I may think the message was perfectly tailored for me or a frend, another person thinks it was perfectly tailored for them, but from a different perspective. The altar was full with people doing business with God and we even had one lady who had been saved yesterday come forward for baptism. The Spirit of the Lord worked mightily among us.

After church the car wouldn't start - been having electrical problems. So while I was working on that (husband was at deacon's meeting) someone asked me to unlock the daycare to borrow a carseat. Right as I was finishing that I realized that I should be at a VBS meeting! So off I went!

On the way home we stopped at Sonic for a treat :) That's probably why I couldn't sleep too well last night.

Boy, it sure seemed odd coming home without Libby. That girl was excited enough to light up a whole room, though, over her spend-the-night at her friend's house. Hope she had super fun.

We also enjoyed having Christopher last week. He made himself right at home and felt like one of the family. He made it home safe and sound on his first air flight ever!

Well, that's about it for now. Need to do some picking up around here. And throw in another load of laundry.

Have a good one.